Together We RISE Up


Respect, Inclusion, Safety, and Equity In The Construction Trades

Join us in shifting the culture of construction to one that is inclusive to all people one individual, organization, or site at a time.

About RISE Up

RISE Up (Respect, Inclusion, Safety, and Equity), also known as RISE Up 4 Equity, is a Respectful Workplace Campaign in the construction trades designed provide all workers with the tools and support necessary to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, and productive environment for everyone. RISE Up provides industry best practice workplace consulting and training to help contractors and sub-contractors create an environment of productivity, safety and equity in construction management and on work sites.

A message from RISE Up creator Karen Dove

RISE Up’s Six Steps to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Educate Leadership

  • Executive Team Training & Coaching
  • Organizational Equity Assessment
  • Manager Training

Form a Culture Committee

  • DEI Committee Training
  • Set Goals
  • Create Communication Plan


Training For all Staff

  • Worker Training
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Job Box Talks


Listen To Your People

  • Employee Surveys
  • Third-Party Reporting




Provide Mentorship & Leadership Development

  • Train Mentors
  • Set Accountability Requirements


Measure Results

  •  Set Data and Outcome Measurements
  • Create DEI Dashboard



Support & Information

RISE Up is customizable to meet your specific goals. It was created for the industry by industry professionals and, when possible, builds on existing access points for training opportunities. For more information, technical assistance, or access to training materials, see below.

RISE Up Steps to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Training Modules

Job Box Talks & Signage

Technical Support & Affiliate Information

Public Partnerships



AGC of Washington proudly endorses RISE Up for any company striving to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. RISE Up’s training works with our members own company culture and helps both managers and field workers work together to develop, promote and maintain a Culture of CARE.

David D’Hondt

Executive Vice President, AGC of Washington

The construction industry is already a tough environment. It is one of the most dangerous occupations, it has one of the highest suicide incident rates for our employees and the number of young people entering the trades is dropping as the number of people retiring is rising. So why do we make it so difficult for people to enter into the trades? We need to make our industry attractive to people who otherwise wouldn’t choose this industry. The RISE up Program includes one of the best trainings for promoting conversations for tough subjects that aren’t easy to talk about and gives the field the skills and tools they need to be better at this. I highly recommend RISE Up to contractors who want to ensure their company is inclusive to a diverse workforce.
Armando Tiscareño, PE

Executive Vice President, Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.

As the workforce gets more diverse, we need to provide our workers and organizations with the cultural competency to adapt. The RISE Up Program was created by tradespeople, for tradespeople specifically for the construction industry and, if used correctly, can help to shift the culture of construction to one where all workers thrive.

Mark Riker

Executive Secretary, Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council AFL-CIO