Job Box Talks

Job Box Talks are a tool used to reinforce the manager and worker orientation trainings. Currently, there are 12 topics, which you will use to facilitate conversations with your team. As an organization that has either received RISE-Up training or as an Affiliate who is a certified trainer you will have access to JBT Rack Cards and posters that you can have available for your staff. (Example JBT Rack Card found below)

Each of these talks are meant to be impactful, yet efficient, these are not meant to be a deep dive into any of the topics, but to reinforce the concepts. 

Affiliates, Trainers, and Facilitator’s will all have access to our Facilitator Guides that walk the presenter through the conversation so anyone can lead their own Job Box Talk with their crew! (Example Facilitator Guide found below)


What's a Job Box Talk?

Every Job Box Talk is divided into 5 sections which includes following:

  • Define the Topic
  • Explain the Impact of the Topic
  • Expectations for Acceptable Behavior
  • Reflection Question
  • Key Takeaways

Our tweleve Job box Talk topics include the following:

Bystander Intervention Conflict Resolution The Power of Inclusive Language
Mastering Civility at Work Preventing Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying Pronouns
Respectful Communication Retaliation Stereotypes
Subtle Acts of Exclusion Unconscious Bias Welcoming Diversity

Example Job Box Talk: