Training Modules

After consulting with a RISE Up Specialist, we can customize training for your organization, site, or entity using your specific policies, reporting procedures and expectations.

Worker Training

  • Worker Orientation to RISE Up – This training can be conducted during onboarding and/or orientation of all workers. Training includes methods for working in a diverse team environment and understanding, identifying and stopping behaviors that jeopardize worker safety, including bullying, hazing and harassment.
  • Bystander Intervention – This training helps workers identify and intervene in appropriate behavior on the work site. Employees will understand how bystander intervention can protect workers from discrimination and harassment and set the cultural tone of the work place.
  • Unconscious Bias – This training goes deeper into the topic of unconscious bias and how it affects our everyday behavior. 
  • Mentorship Training – Mentorship needs to be guided by rules and boundaries if you want it to be successful. This training provides skills for effective mentoring including listening skills, understanding of how to provide feedback, and unconscious bias training. 
  • Microagressions – This training goes deeper into the topic of microagressions, what they look like, and how they affect our decision making. Participants will also discuss the difference between intent and impact.

Leadership Training

  • Leadership Orientation to RISE Up – Leaders will learn how diversity, equity and inclusion affect the bottom line, learn the framework of the RISE Up Program, and discuss pathways to an inclusive workplace.
  • Manager Training – This value-based training will give those in a supervisory position the knowledge, skills and tools they need to create a respectful workplace. 
  • Leadership Development – How do we diversify the leadership of construction? One way is to ensure diverse populations have access to leadership development. This training will identify leadership strengths, establish your purpose as a leader, and develop methods to positively motivate your team.

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