Training Modules

After consulting with a RISE Up Specialist, we can customize training and technical assistance for your organization, site, or entity using your specific policies, reporting procedures and expectations.

Executive Team Training and Coaching

Leaders will learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion affect productivity and bottom line, learn the framework of the RISE Up Program,  recognize how implicit bias and subtle acts of exclusion can affect productivity, and discuss pathways to an inclusive workplace.

Site Implementation Training

Contractors and owners can implement RISE Up on a specific job site.  This training will share best practices to implementing RISE Up on a work site.  RISE Up staff will meet with job site leaders prior to implementing the program to ensure an understanding and set expectations of a respectable worksite.

Field Supervisor Skills Training

Managers have a huge influence on their teams and on the cultures of their teams. They are dealing with day-to-day issues, like the conflicts that arise from diverse teams, and they need to set the tone and resolve problems. People leave managers more often than companies. This training will give your managers the tools they need to work in diverse team environments, and understand, identify and stop behaviors that jeopardize worker safety and retention. Training topics include topics such as identifying, addressing and resolving inappropriate behavior, prevention and response, and intention vs. impact. Training includes real life scenarios and other activities designed to challenge and grow supervisory skills.

Worker Readiness Training 

New workers coming into the industry often are first generation construction workers and need additional support to succeed. This training gives new workers the essential skills they need to contribute to an inclusive workforce. Participants will learn communication skills, bystander intervention and how to advocate for themselves.  

Job Box or Toolbox Talks Train-the-Trainer  

Job Box Talks are created to be 5 – 15 minute training opportunities on a specific diversity, equity or inclusion subject.  The train-the-trainer will teach up to 10 people in an organization how to utilize the job box talks and facilitate these conversations. In addition, the organization will receive the Job Box Talk materials and marketing package. Anyone will be able to effectively implement the talks after the training. 

 Worker Orientation Train-the-Trainer 

A RISE Up Worker Orientation will be created specifically for and according to your entities policies and procedures. Up to 10 people will be trained to facilitate the train-the-trainer on a job site or within an organization. The organization will be licensed for the RISE Up Worker orientation for their organization. 

 Subject Specific Training 

Consultants can design subject specific training as needed. Current subject training includes: 

  • Implicit Bias 
  • Coded Language 
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Psychological Safety
  • Bias in Interviewing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coaching for Success


Inclusive Behaviors Inventory

The Inclusive Behaviors Inventory is a great way to start off on a meaningful learning journey toward better inclusion practices.  Developed by DEI experts, this tool provides five clear paths to grow inclusive behaviors based on self-assessmsent results.  RISE Up can provide IBI administration and debriefing for teams.

Policy Review and Organizational Equity Assessment 

A RISE Up Affiliate will work in partnership with the contractor to provide a real-time snapshot of your organizations’ practices and policies as they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion.  This assessment includes assessing current policies and procedures and gathering data from employees and leadership which is compiled in a report with recommended actions. 

 Job Site Team or Culture Committee Creation  

A RISE Up Affiliate will assist the contractor with the creation of a Job Site Team or Culture Committee or an organizational Culture Committee to engages managers and employees to communicate and model values and create programs or events that support the company’s mission, purpose and values.  

 Employee Surveys 

Every great DEI journey includes employee input. But asking for that input internally can often result in skewed results. A RISE Up Affiliate will administer an employee survey and provide a report and suggested activities or strategies to move the organization toward inclusion. 

 Third Party Reporting Service 

A RISE Up Affiliate will provide confidential third-party reporting services for the jobsite (in certain geographical areas). Studies show employees are less likely to report violations to their supervisor or someone else in the company for fear of retribution. Business cards will be handed out at orientation and on the job sites with the reporting information process clearly outlined. 

 Mentorship Programs and Leadership Programs 

Mentorship works for a variety of reasons.  First, if a journeyman feels responsible for the success of the apprentice or worker, they will be more effective leaders and advocate on behalf of them. Second, it increases the number of women and minorities who find mentors. A RISE Up Affiliate will provide best practices for implementing a mentorship program within your company.  

 Site/Employee Surveys and Reports 

Site specific RISE Up surveys can be designed to measure jobsite culture at the beginning and through the project.  These surveys can be used as an evaluation method to plan and deliver training and development opportunities for workers on a specific site.