RISE Up Affiliates

Our affiliates are trained in the RISE Up system to ensure they are knowledgeable about both the construction industry and the diversity, equity, and inclusion topics necessary to be effective trainers.

RISE Up Affiliates provide tools to employers that support maintaining and growing a strong, diverse workforce to meet the demands for skilled workers through training, job site awareness campaigns and contractor resources.

As the workforce in the construction industry becomes more diverse, companies are challenged to create working environments that foster safety, cooperation and trust between all workers, making employees more productive in the process.
The solution is customizable, best-practice based training to support employers in reducing and eliminating incidents that jeopardize employee safety due to inappropriate behavior on the work site. RISE Up supports workers and managers in identifying, addressing, and reducing incidents that jeopardize employee safety.

For technical assistance from one of our Affiliate Organizations click the affiliate closest to your area, or complete the Technical Assistance Form.

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Interested In Becoming An Affiliate?

Are you a nonprofit organization working in the construction trades?

In order to become a RISE Up Affiliate, you must attend a train-the-trainer session to learn the RISE Up system and tools and abide by the affiliate agreement.

Becoming a RISE Up Affiliate means ANEW recognizes the organization’s ability to facilitate the RISE Up Campaign. 

Affiliates will be trained on the RISE Up Campaign and will be certified to provide training and other RISE Up technical assistance. Upon completion, the Affiliate will have access to RISE Up materials and technical assistance from a RISE Up Specialist at ANEW. Affiliate organizations will need to renew their certification annually. Affiliates can promote the RISE Up program in their area.

For more information, contact Karen Dove at or complete the Affiliate Interest Form.

If you are a construction company that wishes to be trained to use the program in-house, please email